Strategic and data driven influencer campaigns

Influencer marketing is today’s buzzword, and everyone wants their share of the cake. But what does it take, where do you start and how do you ensure that you get your money’s worth? There are as many questions as there are answers.

At UP Agency, we have many years of experience and we have followed the development of influencer marketing closely, which in turn has given us great insights into the do’s and don’ts of the field. We design specific and individually tailored action plans for our customers to ensure the best value for marketing money.

All influencers are recruited on the background of our unique data insights from our third party data tool, which gives us additional parameters to measure the success of the campaign, thus giving us the best foundation for designing the most effective strategy.

Influencer marketing is not a miracle cure, and the first step is adjusting your expectations. But with this new marketing form you can create a deeper relationship with your customers, increase the awareness of your brand or products, and ultimately increase your sales. It really just comes down to the right strategy and a focus on data and frequency.

UP Agency handles all stages in a campaign. We recruit and qualify interesting influencers as well as negotiate better prices and delivery. UP Agency provides contracts, briefs, campaign management and in-depth evaluations with full transparency in relation to the campaign performance. Consider us as an extended arm that ensures quality throughout the whole process. We save you from a lot of headache and internal wear and tear so you can use your precious time doing what you do best.

UP Agency has delivered high professionalism and expertise in several influencer campaigns together with us at CULT A/S. UP Agency’s professionalism is crucial for our success working with influencer marketing and their approach to this is a key reason why we at CULT chose UP Agency as a partner” Martin Andersen, Digital Marketing Manager, CULT A/S