At UP Agency we guarantee an effective and relationship building marketing with help from our great team of experts and campaign managers. UP Agency makes life easier for all brands that wish to work with influencers and stand out on social media.

We combine a strong data focus with know how and experience from countless campaigns. We help brands to work with influencers on a market that otherwise can be tough to navigate in. We help build long term relationships with the right influencers and create awareness about the products in the most relevant target groups.

We ensure that the clients products is highlighted through creative online visibility with special focus on Instagram to create continuous visibility often and in the right context. This to create trustworthiness, relationships and also gain our clients new customers. With us the brand gets all the influencer work within the same agency – an extended arm to the internal marketing team, as well as a complete extern package that executes the strategies from A-Z with constant focus on data and optimization of ROI.

We offer


  • Strategic influencer marketing campaigns with the use of micro-, macro- and mega influencers.
  • PR- and blog events as well as contact with the relevant medias and publications.
  • Strategic advisement about social media and influencer marketing.
  • Lectures and workshops.


We are always at your disposal if you have big or small questions. The digital world continues to grow rapidly, and especially influencer marketing are moving fast, where standardisations, units of measurement and negotiating strengths mature. This means that it’s a new market for many brands and agencies, and that’s why we put a virtue in meeting that trust you put in us when you give some of your control to us. See our part as an extended arm, that are meeting you at eye level, have short communication paths and are exceptionally strong in what we do.