At UP Agency, we are proud to offer a unique course that provides both teaching and counseling. We offer to share our expertise and thereby help brands as well as agencies make it in the industry.

We approach our customers at eye level and make sure to tailor proposals to match both the brand and the target market. UP Agency’s CEO and her team will share their expertise gained from years of experience within the industry. Marie Klee, CEO of UP Agency, started out as an influencer herself and therefore has great insights from “both sides” of the business. We also have in-house expertise in building influencer marketing campaigns and hosting events from one of Sweden’s leading influencer marketing organizations.

”UP Agency offered to give a lecture about data-based influencer marketing for the union’s members. A great initiative which led to an event where they, very professionally, went through different types of influencers and their respective potentials, how to create an influencer marketing campaign and, last but not least, the pros of using data to choose influencers and evaluate their efforts. They gave a very well-structured and professional lecture, which was very positively received by the audience – most probably due to UP Agency being very good at sharing their wisdom and involving their audience at the same time”.

Per Lindegaard Hjorth, Chairman, Communication & Language

If this could be interesting for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us at +45 24436817 or